Dear Youth Leaders & Kid’s Leaders,

When I first started here at Elim Fellowship back in June of 2004, the first thing on my heart to do was to provide a weekend dedicated to serving Youth leaders and ministering to them.  For the last 13 years, that’s what we’ve done.  Youth leaders from all over the region would come together for a weekend to be encouraged and come away with practical tools to help them in their ministries.  Personally, it has been a highlight of each year for me to connect with so many great leaders serving this generation.  A few years ago, my heart was challenged to do something for those working with children as well. I’ve always known of the great things being done in kids ministry, but for me it wasn’t a strong area that I had experience in.  So I put together a team who I consider very gifted in ministering to children and from that team we started doing Kid’s Ministry Summits.  We just had our 2nd one this past Fall.  Both events we have had around 100 people attending.

Through the ebbs and flows of these two events, I began to consider combining them and presented this idea to my Youth Committee and Kid's Ministry teams. The implementation of this vision would cause kids leaders and youth leaders to be united together for one powerful weekend. This would mean some big changes that will be made in order to get everything rolling for the near future. I had announced at Saturate 2017 that we would be combining these two events. Originally, we were shooting to do so by March of 2018. However, due to transition and the leading of the Spirit, we will be holding off until March of 2019.  We want to make sure we take the proper time to promote this and give you the time you need to adjust with us.

With all of this said, there are 3 very important aspects in all this that we would like you to know. 

·        First, there will be no Youth or Kids Leader’s Summits this year, 2018. In the midst of many different conversations, we feel that this is the best approach. 

·        Second, we would like to officially announce that we will be having a combined Youth and Kids Ministry summit launching on March 22nd & 23rd, 2019 held at Elim Gospel Church.

·        Third, we will be connecting with you either through a webinar or podcast of some sort in order to encourage and equip you for the coming year.

With combining these two summits, we would like to ask for prayer in this. Prayer for clear discernment of the Spirit's leading, for team unity, and for all of the things that God has in store. 

Here is the idea for the weekend:

·        Friday night: A joint session with both groups for a time of worship, ministry, and encouragement.

·        Saturday: We will break up into specific groups (Youth & Kid’s) for a time of practical impartation.

·        Saturday afternoon: end with a joint session.

·        Food will be included in the registration cost and we will have discounted group pricing.

We are very excited to see how the Lord guides our steps in planning this. We are also very aware of the fact that these summits are a time of refreshing for those of you who are youth and kids leaders. Therefore, if throughout the year you feel that you are in need of prayer or practical needs, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will do all we are able in order to walk with you and help you through it.

Also, feel free to contact us if you have and questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Mark Scorsone


Elim Fellowship
1703 Dalton Rd
Lima, NY 14485