Elim Fellowship is a network of Christian leaders, missionaries, churches, and ministries. EF provides covering through partnership and relationship, in the hopes of seeing each individual and ministry succeed in their personal calling. 

You can become part of the EF team through credentials and/or affiliation. Check out more details in the links below.

Network Benefits

Relationship: Your church/ministry will be joining the Elim family.

Elim Fellowship Event Discounts: Affiliated Churches & Ministries may invite up to four non-credentialed ministry leaders to select EF events at a discounted price.

EF Endorsed Speakers:You will receive a list of EF endorsed speakers you may consider inviting to speak at your church or ministry event.

Annual and Monthly Resources: You will receive a welcome gift upon approval, as well as other gifts in our annual resource packet.

  • Special Discounts: We are diligently establishing partnerships with reputable people/ministries .
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching: We will give preferential help in various areas.
  • A Voice in the Future of EF:
    Each affiliated church or ministry is invited to send delegates. 


Formed in such a way as to provide both care and accountability among leaders that are biblically sound and spiritually mature.

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Committed to partnering with churches and to fulfill our mutual calling to reach the lost and needy in our communities and around the world.

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