Youth Committee Team

Josiah Travis | Laurie Bolton | Dan Freda | Mark Scorsone

Not Pictured: Pastor Josh Finley (Advisory Board) | Mike Kim (Committee Consultant) | Jesse Tanner

The Youth Committee Team is built of individuals who have a vision to see a worldwide network of strong youth ministers building strong youth ministries with a global vision.


The Event Team

Caleb Wunderlich | Bethany Parsons | Mark Scorsone | Nikki Holla | James Bercel

The Event Team is there to assist Mark in many of the behind the scenes needs for the major events of EF Youth, such as all buying and selling of merchandise, creation of media, organizing volunteers, etc. In layman's terms, we are a group of superheroes tasked with making Mark's wildest dreams come true.

The Kids Ministry Team

Matt Drew | Nikki Holla | Mark Scorsone | Ashley Milliken | Donne Black

The Kids Ministry Team is a group of people passionate about teaching children and seeing effective children's ministry grow in churches. They want to help support and resource people with the same burden. They also, collectively, have vast knowledge on time machines, shrink rays, and a costume for every occasion.