If God Is Saying “You Can Do This!” What’s The “This” For You?

God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God made us to do good works, which God planned in advance for us to live our lives doing. Ephesians 2:10

“You Can Do This!” “I’ve Got You!” “You Are Going To Make It!”

These are the kinds of things God is whispering to us, infusing us with hope, or at least trying.

All too often the worries of this world, or what feels like reality, take center stage and requests our attention. But what if….

What if we started asking questions of Jesus that He was dying (or did die) to answer!?

What if Father God had knit us together in our mother’s womb with a unique design to point us toward our personal destiny?

What if Holy Spirit has more empowerment available for us than we have realized?

Here’s some powerful questions to start with:

  • Jesus, what are you hoping I will “get” so that I can move forward?
  • Father, what unique qualities did you give me so that I could do the good works have you prepared in advance just for me?
  • Holy Spirit, where are you trying to whisper words of hope to me when I still myself to listen?
  • How can I lean into “being all I can be”?

Many thanks to Tony Stolzfus who helped me learn to pray differently. Here’s some stock questions Tony uses:

  • Jesus, what do you like about me today?
  • Father God, what do you love that I am working on?
  • Holy Spirit, where are you working around me inviting me to join in?

I know for me personally God is helping me continue to reframe success. As I walk out building my business I have made some decisions I thought were good and God led, but they didn’t yield the results I was looking for. And you know what – God is not mad at all, He’s not even disappointed in me. He is holding my hand and my heart as I keep trying. It’s a beautiful thing when


As coaches and leaders we can help the people around us connect with God in deeper and more significant ways by helping them connect with God directly and ask Him questions. We are all fellow journeyers on this earth, hopefully moving toward the preferred future God has for us!

So, how about you? If God Is Saying “You Can Do This!” What’s The “This” For You?

Want more?

Check our Tony’s book Questions for Jesus.

Cindy Scott is a professional Life Coach, Coach Trainer and founder of Bridges Coaching. She has her roots in Elim - is an EBI grad and is ordained through Elim Fellowship along with holding a Masters in Ministry and Lifeforming Leadership Coach Training Certification. Cindy loves helping people or teams build bridges to what could be through the coaching paradigm and/or helping them understand their destiny by design!

She and her husband Eric, Care Pastor at Elim Gospel Church, have four grown children, enjoy biking on the Erie Canal Trail and love a leisurely trip to Starbucks.

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